Emiliania huxleyi is a species of coccolithophore found in almost all ocean ecosystems from the equator to sub-polar regions, and from nutrient rich upwelling zones to nutrient poor oligotrophic waters. It is one of thousands of different photosynthetic plankton that freely drift in the photic zone of the ocean, forming the basis of virtually all marine food webs. It is studied for the extensive blooms it forms in nutrient-depleted waters after the reformation of the summer thermocline. Like other coccolithophores, E. huxleyi is a single-celled phytoplankton covered with uniquely ornamented calcite disks called coccoliths. Individual coccoliths are abundant in marine sediments although complete coccospheres are more unusual. In the case of E. huxleyi, not only the shell, but also the soft part of the organism may be recorded in sediments. It produces a group of chemical compounds that are very resistant to decomposition. These chemical compounds, known as alkenones, can be found in marine sediments long after other soft parts of the organisms have decomposed. Alkenones are most commonly used by earth scientists as a means to estimate past sea surface temperatures.

Sequence Statistics

No Sequences39125
No Amino Acids13296629
Min Seq. Length6
Avg. Seq. Length339.850
Max Seq. Length5478
Seq. Length 1σ282.780

Disorder Prediction Statistics

Predictor % Genome Disordered % Genome Disordered in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered Avg. % of Disordered Regions in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered and in SCOP Domains
VLXT 40.544 7.996 41.759 23.266 8.117
VSL2b 44.743 7.216 46.516 20.763 7.486
PrDOS 36.771 4.208 39.648 15.922 4.474
PV2 54.092 9.768 55.917 22.487 9.961
IUPred-S 18.547 1.608 20.850 12.875 1.937
IUPred-L 21.888 2.237 25.763 18.114 2.677
Espritz-N 33.012 5.028 32.721 19.282 4.661
Espritz-X 21.501 1.442 24.182 10.822 1.805
Espritz-D 9.918 1.005 40.133 10.367 6.787


% Amino Acids with SCOP Assignment % Sequences with SCOP Assignment No of Domains No of Superfamilies No of Families Avg. Family Size Avg. Domain Length Domain Pairs Unique Domain Architectures
38 51 26052 963 617 27.1 340 1331 4063

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