This is the entry page to browsing the D2P2 database. As you include constraints they are "additive". For example if you select to investigate sequences from the Human genome and then constrain to only look at sequences in Bacteria, no results will be returned. A maximum limit of 500 results are returned, so a more specific query will yield a more complete view of the data for your investigation. If for the sake of downloading a genome you require more than 500 results, please up the limit in the form below.

Genome options

Constrain the protein results shown by parent Genome and Taxonomy.

Select the genome you wish to include from the list. This will greatly speed up results, and return a managable number of sequences.
Free text for the genome's name, description and taxonomy. e.g. 'Chordata'
Which domains of life to include in the search.
Set the maximum number of results to return. Increasing this beyond a couple of thousand will be quite slow. If you wish to see all results enter "all" here.
Protein options

Constrain the specific types of proteins returned. Either by structured domain or disorder content. Additionally domain centric Gene Ontology annotation (from dcGO) is available to select the Superfamilies you might be interested in automatically.

Select a structural domain of interest at the superfamily level of SCOP classification.
Please enter GO IDs comma ',' separated. e.g. GO:0019722,GO:0050848,GO:0035585
0% Anything ≥98% IUPs Only
0% Any Predictor 100% All Predictors