Humans (Homo sapiens) or modern humans are the most common and widespread species of primate, and the last surviving species of the genus Homo. They are great apes characterized by their hairlessness, bipedalism, and high intelligence. Humans have large brains, enabling more advanced cognitive skills that enable them to thrive and adapt in varied environments, develop highly complex tools, and form complex social structures and civilizations. Humans are highly social, with individual humans tending to belong to a multi-layered network of cooperating, distinct, or even competing social groups – from families and peer groups to corporations and political states. As such, social interactions between humans have established a wide variety of values, social norms, languages, and traditions (collectively termed institutions), each of which bolsters human society. Humans are also highly curious: the desire to understand and influence phenomena has motivated humanity's development of science, technology, philosophy, mythology, religion, and other frameworks of knowledge; humans also study themselves through such domains as anthropology, social science, history, psychology, and medicine. As of May 2024, there are estimated to be more than 8 billion humans alive.

Sequence Statistics

No Sequences90720
No Amino Acids37818108
Min Seq. Length1
Avg. Seq. Length416.866
Max Seq. Length33423
Seq. Length 1σ507.065

Disorder Prediction Statistics

Predictor % Genome Disordered % Genome Disordered in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered Avg. % of Disordered Regions in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered and in SCOP Domains
VLXT 36.806 7.699 36.184 27.481 7.641
VSL2b 46.094 8.759 45.337 25.926 8.724
PrDOS 40.315 5.475 44.027 20.160 6.075
PV2 49.673 10.747 52.813 26.915 11.132
IUPred-S 23.492 1.969 24.291 15.204 2.269
IUPred-L 26.832 2.539 28.966 19.564 2.903
Espritz-N 34.685 5.292 32.935 21.901 4.862
Espritz-X 22.928 1.501 25.486 12.538 2.036
Espritz-D 11.415 0.956 44.851 11.191 6.929


% Amino Acids with SCOP Assignment % Sequences with SCOP Assignment No of Domains No of Superfamilies No of Families Avg. Family Size Avg. Domain Length Domain Pairs Unique Domain Architectures
44 61 115355 1113 1380 103.6 373 1689 7644

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