The three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) is a fish native to most inland and coastal waters north of 30°N. It has long been a subject of scientific study for many reasons. It shows great morphological variation throughout its range, ideal for questions about evolution and population genetics. Many populations are anadromous (they live in seawater but breed in fresh or brackish water) and very tolerant of changes in salinity, a subject of interest to physiologists. It displays elaborate breeding behavior (defending a territory, building a nest, taking care of the eggs and fry) and it can be social (living in shoals outside the breeding season) making it a popular subject of inquiry in fish ethology and behavioral ecology. Its antipredator adaptations, host-parasite interactions, sensory physiology, reproductive physiology, and endocrinology have also been much studied. Facilitating these studies is the fact that the three-spined stickleback is easy to find in nature and easy to keep in aquaria.

Sequence Statistics

No Sequences27576
No Amino Acids13575683
Min Seq. Length8
Avg. Seq. Length492.301
Max Seq. Length26130
Seq. Length 1σ472.256

Disorder Prediction Statistics

Predictor % Genome Disordered % Genome Disordered in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered Avg. % of Disordered Regions in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered and in SCOP Domains
VLXT 33.173 8.842 32.753 34.545 9.072
VSL2b 40.118 9.462 39.717 31.576 9.752
PrDOS 37.745 6.476 37.441 24.163 6.669
PV2 45.838 12.081 47.252 33.231 12.848
IUPred-S 19.075 2.027 19.323 18.006 2.344
IUPred-L 21.602 2.641 23.165 24.925 3.112
Espritz-N 29.580 5.670 28.216 27.966 5.521
Espritz-X 18.327 1.450 19.392 14.093 1.912
Espritz-D 6.435 0.535 26.737 9.502 4.448


% Amino Acids with SCOP Assignment % Sequences with SCOP Assignment No of Domains No of Superfamilies No of Families Avg. Family Size Avg. Domain Length Domain Pairs Unique Domain Architectures
49 73 39910 1078 1213 37 492 1430 4910

Discussion about Gasterosteus aculeatus 63_1

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