The cat (Felis catus), commonly referred to as the domestic cat or house cat, is a small domesticated carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species of the family Felidae. Recent advances in archaeology and genetics have shown that the domestication of the cat occurred in the Near East around 7500 BC. It is commonly kept as a house pet and farm cat, but also ranges freely as a feral cat avoiding human contact. It is valued by humans for companionship and its ability to kill vermin. Its retractable claws are adapted to killing small prey like mice and rats. It has a strong, flexible body, quick reflexes, sharp teeth, and its night vision and sense of smell are well developed. It is a social species, but a solitary hunter and a crepuscular predator. Cat communication includes vocalizations like meowing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling, and grunting as well as cat body language. It can hear sounds too faint or too high in frequency for human ears, such as those made by small mammals. It secretes and perceives pheromones.

Sequence Statistics

No Sequences15048
No Amino Acids8196897
Min Seq. Length7
Avg. Seq. Length544.717
Max Seq. Length31849
Seq. Length 1σ574.928

Disorder Prediction Statistics

Predictor % Genome Disordered % Genome Disordered in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered Avg. % of Disordered Regions in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered and in SCOP Domains
VLXT 46.148 6.586 42.234 22.936 7.348
VSL2b 55.714 7.997 51.590 22.704 8.895
PrDOS 33.373 4.198 34.252 20.557 4.961
PV2 11.343 3.210 53.316 32.743 14.716
IUPred-S 19.653 1.545 19.653 15.478 1.958
IUPred-L 37.292 2.372 34.546 14.217 2.822
Espritz-N 28.953 4.271 27.664 23.541 4.457
Espritz-X 28.315 1.542 26.945 12.488 2.066
Espritz-D 6.443 0.411 25.879 8.205 4.101


% Amino Acids with SCOP Assignment % Sequences with SCOP Assignment No of Domains No of Superfamilies No of Families Avg. Family Size Avg. Domain Length Domain Pairs Unique Domain Architectures
45 73 29829 1095 1345 27.2 528 1485 4642

Discussion about Felis catus 63_1

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