Pyrenophora tritici-repentis (telomorph) and Drechslera tritici-repentis (anamorph) is a necrotrophic plant pathogen of fungal origin Phylum Ascomycota. The pathogen causes a disease commonly called tan spot, yellow leaf spot, yellow leaf blotch or helminthosporiosis. At least eight races of the pathogen are known to occur based on their virulence on a wheat differential set. The tan spot fungus was first described in 1823 and was identified in Europe, the USA, and Japan in the early 1900s. The disease is one of the most important fungal disease on wheat and the fungal pathogen is found to infect in all parts of the world wherever wheat and other susceptible host crops are found. P. tritici-repentis overwinters on stubble, and due to recent heavily no-till/residue retention cultural practices, increased incidence and yield loss of up to 49% has been witnessed if ideal conditions occur. It forms characteristic, dark, oval-shaped spots of necrotic tissue surrounded by a yellow ring. It is responsible for losses that account for up to 30% of the crop, due to its effects reducing photosynthesis. Pathogenesis and toxicity in P. tritici-repentis is controlled by a single gene, transformations of this gene cause the pathogen to become benign when interacting with wheat. This has major implications for those in agriculture seeking to combat the effects of this fungus.

Sequence Statistics

No Sequences12169
No Amino Acids5459074
Min Seq. Length39
Avg. Seq. Length448.605
Max Seq. Length9693
Seq. Length 1σ367.084

Disorder Prediction Statistics

Predictor % Genome Disordered % Genome Disordered in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered Avg. % of Disordered Regions in SCOP Domains Avg. % of Seq. Disordered and in SCOP Domains
VLXT 37.265 6.957 36.922 23.026 6.667
VSL2b 42.004 6.149 42.351 20.581 6.122
PrDOS 40.358 4.052 41.319 15.488 3.947
PV2 48.341 8.370 49.559 22.112 8.073
IUPred-S 24.480 1.620 24.324 12.322 1.736
IUPred-L 28.062 2.269 28.662 18.481 2.492
Espritz-N 35.681 4.838 34.196 19.892 4.520
Espritz-X 22.659 1.056 23.532 8.514 1.239
Espritz-D 10.902 0.410 33.630 5.266 2.235


% Amino Acids with SCOP Assignment % Sequences with SCOP Assignment No of Domains No of Superfamilies No of Families Avg. Family Size Avg. Domain Length Domain Pairs Unique Domain Architectures
37 51 8937 905 702 9.9 449 700 2253

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